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Myers Beds and Mattresses

Myers Beds have always been made with one thing in mind - providing people with the best night's sleep possible. At Myers, they understand that quality of sleep can have a huge impact on a person's waking life. It is often said that a good bed can be as beneficial to overall health as regular exercise or a healthy diet. When sleeping on a Myers bed or mattress, you will realise just how true this is. Their hand-crafted divan beds and traditional open coil sprung mattresses offer unrivalled comfort, making them one of the leading UK bed manufacturers of the past few decades.

Please click on the links above to select Myers mattresses or divan beds. Our range includes the Double Memory Deluxe, Champagne Luxury, Latex Comfort, Sceptre, Ultrapedic Firm, Memory Excellence, Seasons Isotherm, and Sculpture mattresses. - Home Improvement | Directory